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Sunday 13 May 2012

Sanitary Napkins "A Silent Killer"

Hi Girls & Ladies
This page is exclusively about the usage of Hygenic Sanitary Napkins and Panty Liners.
The average woman may have as many as 400 periods in their lifetime, and can use up to 15,000 PADS during this time. This is a very large number, and it is important to consider the health implications involved in the products that women use to capture the blood during their periods. It is also interesting to note that the testing for the safety of these products is usually conducted by their manufacturer and not by an independent body. The vast majority of women will opt to use either sanitary pads or tampons, or a combination of both methods
Sudden burns and irritation made some ladies wonder what was wrong with them until they realized it was a rash caused by the sanitary napkin they using. Finding it hard to believe, this rash was a yeast infection that they never thought it was because of the sanitary napkin! 
There are various other women who face this same problem when it comes to sanitary napkins.
For some of us who do not know this common women problem, let us tell the strange and true side effects of sanitary napkins.
1.The most important thing you should know is that these napkins contains cellulose gel and not cotton which might cause a lot of infection. A warning was earlier stated that this gel in napkins can cause cervical cancer too which is a common women problem.

2.The other side effects of sanitary napkins is that if worn for more than three hours it can cause lumps on the vaginal area which might lead to
irritation and other infections.

3.You should know that
 tampons which is another sanitary napkin contain two types of chemicals like that of Dioxin and Rayon which are equally dangerous for a woman. The Tampons are bleached with these chemicals to make them look pure and clean but the most harmful side effect of sanitary napkins / tampons is that this bleaching agent is toxic to the immune and reproductive system.

These three facts on side effects of sanitary napkin can really put you in a state of shock, So if you have any types of women problems like that of excessive itching or unusual discharge from the vagina, take immediate steps to cure the problem.

A woman’s body may often be at its weakest during menstruation and if there are no proper measures of protection taken during this time, the woman’s health could be affected. As such, it is important to correct some misconceptions and wrong practices during menstruation. Surveys have shown that 73% of the women would feel itchiness and pain on some parts of the skin during menstruation. These are mostly caused by the use of sanitary napkins which are not air permeable.

In order for the sanitary pads not to allow the liquid to flow through, the manufacturers use an impermeable bottom layer, most often made of plastic, which does not allow liquid or air to pass through either.This way, moisture and heat are kept inside, creating a very good environment for bacteria to develop.Most of the bacteria that can cause women’s diseases are anaerobe, which means they will die within 30 seconds to 1 minute in oxygen. That is why it is very important for sanitary pads and panty liners to allow air flow.
Sanitary Pad become a silent killer


  1. Very nice post about Female Hygiene. That will encourage a lot of women.

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  4. Great post. It gives a lot of information to all the women reagrding menstrual hygiene. Thanks for sharing.

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